20 images to focus thoughts for the project

This was an assigned task to find twenty images that represent the roots and scope of the project I will spend my final year working on. In order to design the news effectively, I will be looking at a number of different angles; Data representation, visualisations, user interactivity, typography, mapping, graphic storytelling, seperation and grouping of common elements, and disecting the news in its current forms.

Most of the images relate to specific experiments that I intend to create during the course of the final year.

Interactive news systems


Will be looking at news multiscreens and interactive news setups to see if I can disect, replicate, and improve the interface.

Creating the news


In an episode of Brass Eye, Chris Morris starts a war by manipulating the news. This was also done in the film of the James Bond series, Tomorrow Never Dies. A media mogul commits horrible crimes only to report on them before any of the other newspapers can.

Interacting with the news on a daily basis


Ze Frank held a year long experiment where he reported on news events with his own personal input. This was then backed up with the opinions of the viewers via a forum Ze would monitor. This cycle of interaction with the news, coupled with Ze’s unique brand of comedy made the show a must watch.

Graphically representing the news


Taking news headlines and representing them graphically as poster art.

Graphically representing the news continued


Taking news headlines and representing them graphically as poster art.

Headline reduction


Taking news headlines and reducing them as far as possible but still communicating the message.

Reducing ‘news spam’


Alot of what is published as news is really not. Who cares if Paris Hilton goes to jail? Is this really the quality of news we expect to see on the BBC?

Splitting up a news report into single frames


Splitting up a news report into frames which depict the emotion of the news reporter, and captioned with the story they are conveying at particular moments in time.

News report interface disection


Every news programme now has some sort of interface to showcase current story highlights, upcoming stories, sometimes the time and the date, as well as other ‘informative’ bits. I’m going to see if I can create a more informative interface for broadcast news using Flash.

Good news bad news


An article published on the Guardian website got me thinking about the seperation of good news and bad news.

10x10 visual news mapping


Using the 10x10 news aggregation service to visualise ways of representing the news.

Buzztracker news location mapping


Tracking the latest news stories by location, the Buzztracker visualises hot points over a world map.

NewsIsFree newsmaps


A highly advanced and customisable newsmap from NewsIsFree, it allows you to change a wide array of options to map the news specific to you.

Marumushi newsmaps


A beautiful looking newsmap from Marumushi. Very customisable, beautifully animated, and colour categorised.



Newsmapping in a 3d environment, using a cube to hold the news data with a different category on each face.

Dynamic news timeline


An interactive timeline which pulls the latest news from a list of different sources and displays them as a categorised timeline.

News aggregator


Aggregation of news sources to be displayed in a user designated format to offer news personalised for the individual. Popurls aggregates feeds, but does not offer a page personalised for the individual.

Visualising News - DiggArc


The DiggArc is a way of visualising the stories submitted to the social news networking site, digg.com. The arc colour categorises the popular stories, and links them based on the users who have ‘dugg’ them.

Visualising News - DiggBigSpy


The DiggSpy is another way of visualising the stories submitted to digg.com. This one stacks the latest stories on top of one another, and increases the textsize based on the popularity.

Animated Typography


I’m a big fan of animated typography, and I was thinking I’d like to record a story from something like BBC News 24 and animate it typographically. That might be nice? Here’s another good typography animation.

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