One week of The Guardian plan

Last week The Media Centre in Huddersfield held a four day workshop to help develop our projects further for the final year. During the workshops were four presentations by various people from the design industry; Steve Teruggi of Winkreative and Monocle, David Squire of Desq, Christine Osborne of Swamp at Brahm, and Clive Tonge of Lynchpin.

After speaking with Steve and David and getting a review of my project, they both seemed to find the One Day of The Guardian piece pretty interesting. Although I rushed through the piece, and graphically I’m not a huge fan of it, it seemed to provoke some interesting discussion.

Since then, I’ve decided to create a ‘One Week of The Guardian’ which I’ve already started working on. This series will use various pieces of information I can pull from the paper, and display them in different ways on different days.

For this series, I will index all of the news from the paper, and remove all of the other elements of the paper that are not. i.e. Adverts, articles with no cited author, comics, consumer reviews, horoscopes, promotions, puzzles, prize give-aways, reader responses and letters to the paper, stock index charts, and weather reports.

In the previous version, I included the obituaries. However, in this version I have omitted the obits as I decided that someone dying of natural causes or disease isn’t really news, but if a person dies in suspicious circumstances then it would be included in other sections of the paper under subject headings that are indexed in the piece.

I will be categorising the news according to where it is posted in the Guardian newspaper and on the Guardian website, but only using one depth of categorisation, the most relevant one.

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