One week of The Guardian: Interactive visuals

Since I put together the One Week of The Guardian statistics, I’ve been playing alot with sketching up alot of static visuals. I’ve also been playing around with some interactive visuals using the ManyEyes visualisation software. I ended up with some really cool results.

Bubble chart by days, sized by total word count, coloured by categories. Shows the total number of words in the seperate categories for the day.

Matrix graph by day and category, coloured by headlines. Breaks down the stories in each category by day.

Relationship graph of authors by day. Shows what authors appeared in the paper for the day.

Word count by page number. Shows the most popular locations of where the bigger articles appear in the pages of The Guardian.

Total categories by percentage for the week. Shows a typical week of the Guardian by the categories of news it prefers to print.


Some of these are nice, and the interactivity can be fun for a getting into some of the more nitty gritty details, but none of them really carries any emotion. Showing a murder story as a bright shiny piece of a pie doesn’t really do it justice.

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