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Freelance Graphic and Web designer from Manchester, UK.

Print testing

The past few days I’ve been thinking more about how to present the final pieces at the assessment and the graduate showcase. One of the ideas I’ve been toying with is to insert the posters into a weekend supplement or a center page pullout. I’ve been looking around for ways to emulate newsprint, and so […]

Outdoor pictogram headlines

Just thinking that it might be nice to see these pictogram headlines concepts I did adopted into a functioning platform for use in public spaces, and perhaps even incorporated into a news website.
The idea would be that a simple application would pull headlines from the BBC News website, or any website, and seperate the headline into […]

Help. What don’t you understand?

OK so I’d really appreciate some input if you’ll indulge me. Not much, just a couple of lines.
I have a presentation in a couple of days about this project. I’m trying to put together some sort of list of frequently asked questions in order to give a better presentation of the work. I know what my […]

The art of being concise, or not

I just thought I’d post this little update as I’m currently about half way through a 6000 word minimum illustrated report on the work I’m doing for university.
I think I’m a pretty concise person. When I write anything I usually try to get to the point pretty quickly, and don’t like to spin anything out […]

One week of the Guardian: Saturday

Well the end is pretty frikkin’ nigh. This is the final news day of the series as The Guardian doesn’t issue on Sunday.
Todays visual plots all of the headlines in the Guardian on a grid, colour categorised and ordered as to their position in the paper. Relationships are formed for authors who appear more than […]

One week of The Guardian: Friday

Yet another ‘One Day of The Guardian’ visualisation is complete. Todays visual illustrates the sheer amount of words in the paper. I wanted to do something like this, something rather simple, as after doing some research on word counts in books I found out that I could pretty much read a book from cover to […]