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Research into the project, and inspiration and indeas for design work.

Project storyboard

One of the mandatory requirements of this project is a story/information board to explain the what why and how of the project. Instead of just having something informative but separate, I’ve thought about placing it on the reverse side of the visualisation posters. This way there’s a little project information included with each piece so […]

Supplement packaging prototypes

Instead of just having posters up for sale and available, I’ve been thinking about how I would round off the project, and go about getting the posters (and the knowledge that they exist) out and available to wider audiences. As far as the internet is concerned, this page and the project can get stumbled, dugg, […]

Print testing

The past few days I’ve been thinking more about how to present the final pieces at the assessment and the graduate showcase. One of the ideas I’ve been toying with is to insert the posters into a weekend supplement or a center page pullout. I’ve been looking around for ways to emulate newsprint, and so […]

Help. What don’t you understand?

OK so I’d really appreciate some input if you’ll indulge me. Not much, just a couple of lines.
I have a presentation in a couple of days about this project. I’m trying to put together some sort of list of frequently asked questions in order to give a better presentation of the work. I know what my […]

Visualisations and infographics

I’m about to start the third visualisation for my One Week of The Guardian series, and I’ve been looking through my research on static visualisations and infographics research. Some of these visuals are really very beautiful, so I’m about to share. Enjoy.

The NYTimes has a nice clean infographic on what the presidential candidates have raised and spent.

Another […]

Mid term review

Today I have a mid term review, of which the requirements are:

A very short statement about the work
An image of 1024x768 AND 2048x1536 for publicity for the show
Your project work
A presentation about the project including background, contextual and theoretical research, what I am making, how I am making it, why I am making it
Sketchbooks and/or working notes and files
2x printed A2 storyboards

To […]