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General thoughts about the site, the subject, and future ideas and plans.

Outdoor pictogram headlines

Just thinking that it might be nice to see these pictogram headlines concepts I did adopted into a functioning platform for use in public spaces, and perhaps even incorporated into a news website.
The idea would be that a simple application would pull headlines from the BBC News website, or any website, and seperate the headline into […]

The art of being concise, or not

I just thought I’d post this little update as I’m currently about half way through a 6000 word minimum illustrated report on the work I’m doing for university.
I think I’m a pretty concise person. When I write anything I usually try to get to the point pretty quickly, and don’t like to spin anything out […]

One week of The Guardian: Monday

UPDATE: This post has been updated on 05 April 2008. The original contents of this post can be found in this text file.
Well here’s version 2 of Monday’s edition. I like to think of this as 1.0, and the previous was just the beta. Software gets beta’d all the time, why can’t posters?
Anyways, I felt I ‘copped […]

Newspapers, books, and rather large word counts

After collecting all the data for One Week Of The Guardian, I’ve been looking through the statistics. One thing that struck me was the amount of words in the news for all 6 days, Monday to Saturday. In one week, there were 182,001 words. That sounds alot to me, but I managed to read all […]

20 images to focus thoughts for the project

This was an assigned task to find twenty images that represent the roots and scope of the project I will spend my final year working on. In order to design the news effectively, I will be looking at a number of different angles; Data representation, visualisations, user interactivity, typography, mapping, graphic storytelling, seperation and grouping […]