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Outdoor pictogram headlines

Just thinking that it might be nice to see these pictogram headlines concepts I did adopted into a functioning platform for use in public spaces, and perhaps even incorporated into a news website.
The idea would be that a simple application would pull headlines from the BBC News website, or any website, and seperate the headline into […]

One week of The Guardian: Monday

UPDATE: This post has been updated on 05 April 2008. The original contents of this post can be found in this text file.
Well here’s version 2 of Monday’s edition. I like to think of this as 1.0, and the previous was just the beta. Software gets beta’d all the time, why can’t posters?
Anyways, I felt I ‘copped […]

Infographics and pictograms, more research

Well I’m getting ready to disect a few pages of statistics and start creating a bunch of pictograms and infographics, and I did what’s probably going to be the last lot of research on the subject.

Destructive spending by liquisoft, via DeviantArt.
Our goal was to design a poster that informed the public of something. Our focus, for this […]

The infographic army squad

I’ve been sifting through pages and pages of statistics lately in order to break them down for another infographic piece based on the war on Iraq. Partly because its a highly controversial subject at the moment, and partly because there are pages and pages of statistics on it.
For example, according to this About.com piece, the U.S. […]

DTN site design and review

Well the new site design is now up, and I’m getting well into the swing of things. I have my research all filed on my computer ready to post, and I’ve started sketching out some ideas in detail for what I want to do. Now the site is up and designed, all I have to […]