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One week of the Guardian: Saturday

Well the end is pretty frikkin’ nigh. This is the final news day of the series as The Guardian doesn’t issue on Sunday.
Todays visual plots all of the headlines in the Guardian on a grid, colour categorised and ordered as to their position in the paper. Relationships are formed for authors who appear more than […]

One week of The Guardian: Friday

Yet another ‘One Day of The Guardian’ visualisation is complete. Todays visual illustrates the sheer amount of words in the paper. I wanted to do something like this, something rather simple, as after doing some research on word counts in books I found out that I could pretty much read a book from cover to […]

One week of The Guardian: Thursday

This one’s been a long time coming let me tell you! It’s been sat on my computer finished for almost two weeks now, and I feel really good it’s finally published, like a weight’s been lifted.
This visual was pretty much focused on the relationships created between headlines, authors, pages, and categories. I wanted to see how […]

One week of The Guardian: Wednesday

UPDATE: This post has been updated on 05 April 2008.
This visual has been modified from its original version. The logo has been amended, and introduction information has been added.
Well yet another day is complete. When there’s little distraction I really enjoy cranking these visuals out. Looking at it now, in some ways the result kind of […]

One week of The Guardian: Tuesday

UPDATE: This post has been updated on 05 April 2008. The original contents of this post can be found in this text file.
This visual has been modified from its original version. The background has been changed (taken from a very light grey to a very dark grey/black) to be consistent with the overall style. Illustrations have […]

One week of The Guardian plan

Last week The Media Centre in Huddersfield held a four day workshop to help develop our projects further for the final year. During the workshops were four presentations by various people from the design industry; Steve Teruggi of Winkreative and Monocle, David Squire of Desq, Christine Osborne of Swamp at Brahm, and Clive Tonge of Lynchpin.
After […]