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Supplement packaging prototypes

Instead of just having posters up for sale and available, I’ve been thinking about how I would round off the project, and go about getting the posters (and the knowledge that they exist) out and available to wider audiences. As far as the internet is concerned, this page and the project can get stumbled, dugg, […]

Outdoor pictogram headlines

Just thinking that it might be nice to see these pictogram headlines concepts I did adopted into a functioning platform for use in public spaces, and perhaps even incorporated into a news website.
The idea would be that a simple application would pull headlines from the BBC News website, or any website, and seperate the headline into […]

Simplification: Hogarth’s Gin Lane

I’ve had this recording for a while now and I think it’s about time to get it posted. Back before Christmas The One Show had a feature on Gin, and in it was an explanation of ‘Gin Lane’, an engraving by William Hogarth, 1751. I’m not going into too much detail on why it was […]